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Mykonos is a relatively small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, one of the Cyclades Islands, located between Tinos, Siros, Paros, Naxos, in the vicinity of Delos. The accommodation infrastructure of Mykonos is excellent. In Mykonos you will find all kind of accommodations ranging from luxury hotels, design hotels, boutique hotels of all star categories as well as accommodation in apartments, rooms and studios. Many hotels are within, around and near to Mykonos town while other accommodations can be found on Platy Gialos, Elia, Agios ioannis, Ornos and other resorts of the island of Mykonos.
The main city and port on the west coast, Mykonos town , as is often on the Greek islands, just Chora . There are countless ferry connection to the mainland Piraeus and the other islands, and is thus an ideal starting point for boat trips to the nearby Delos.

Mykonos, with its bright light, has a beauty that is so characteristic for all Cyclades. The island consists primarily of granite, is hilly (up to 350 m high) and predominantly dry and bare. On a small scale is still in agriculture and fisheries. On Mykonos water is always a problem, and therefore the houses there have, even more than on other islands, the typical flat roofs, with the intention as far as possible to capture rainwater.

reverie hotelUnlike other Cyclades Islands Mykonos, has never played in history an important role, and therefore has little traces of the ancient civilizations. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists. This is by far the most important source of income for the island, which already from the end of the fifties was discovered by the mass tourism and since then is one of the first tourist attractions in the Aegean Sea.

The beautiful, but crowded beaches, the busy and noisy nightlife and the reputation as the Greek island with the highest tolerance (nudism and gay), making the island probably less suitable for those who still searching for the "authentic" Greece.
The landscape, with its bright light and almost the surreal beauty, in which the colours white and blue dominate, is the main attraction of Mykonos. There are many notable churches, chapels and windmills present on the island.

In the capital, some museums are worth a visit. The most famous church is the Panagia Paraportiani -Our Lady n de Port - in the place where a gateway to the Venetian citadel (the Kastro) was. Some churches date from 1425, the rest is from the 16th and 17th century.
Interestingly is the picturesque district Mikri Venetia (Little Venice), where the houses where build up to the edge of the sea, near by are the landmark of Mykonos its 5 windmills.
Worth seeing is the 7.5 km inland village Ano Mera, with the beautiful tower of the 16th-century monastery Tourliani. Outside the village rises Paleokastro the hill, where a former Venetian castle was found, probably built on top of an ancient city from the ancient times.

Mykonos is probably the unique cosmopolitan destination of Greece, but also a truly gifted island that rightly became a legend. With great local colour, golden sand beaches and life style that will envy the most cosmopolitan parts of the world. The island, which remains adjusted according to the needs and trends of the time remains the unique holiday destination, offering options that will satisfy everyone with its beautiful capital full of life 24 hours a day, beautiful beaches for every taste and new openings each season that put the island on the track of the top summer destinations.

Mykonos Town is without doubt one of the most beautiful port towns on the Greek islands. All houses are whitewashed, the most in Cycladic style (called cube houses), and the local government is very strict in new construction. You must meet all requirements would drop you a house. The centre of the city is a maze of alleys where, after years of practice have easily lost touch. At the time, so it is built with the intention that pirates would get lost. The port with the terraces, "Little Venice" with its houses stand in the sea, and the windmills on the hill all contribute to Mykonos town to turn it into an image. The city bursting at the seams of the shops, restaurants and churches, and you always discover new places. The atmosphere is super cosy. Regularly there are cruise boats with mostly Americans, who then populate the city en masse. Equally it is very busy. Mykonos city lives 24 hours a day. Always there is something open somewhere, there are always people wandering the streets.

Besides the bright and beautiful Mykonos town on the island also offers a series of beautiful sandy beaches, as Psarou, Platis Gialos, Elia Beach, Ornos, Paranga, and of course Paradise and Super Paradise Beach. I will mention a few now, and this is probably the busiest, because they have a direct bus, but there are many more. Kalo Livadi example, a beautiful beach and much quieter, or Kapari Beach, more remote, and walking alone or with a scooter to reach. In short: there is a beach for everyone that desires to satisfy. Mykonos is a real winner: great atmosphere, great sun, great beaches, and sometimes also much wind.

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